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Vape pens are handheld devices that vaporize cannabis concentrates, allowing users to inhale the vapor. They consist of a battery and a heating element, which heats up the concentrate and turns it into vapor. There are two types of vape pens: disposable and cartridge-based.

Disposable vape pens are designed to be used once and then thrown away. They come pre-filled with a cannabis oil or concentrate, and once the oil is used up, the entire device is disposed of. Disposable vape pens are convenient and easy to use, but they are not as environmentally friendly as cartridge-based pens.

Cartridge-based vape pens allow users to refill the device with a new cartridge once the old one is empty. Cartridges are small containers that are filled with cannabis oil or concentrate, and they can be easily swapped in and out of the vape pen. Cartridge-based vape pens are more environmentally friendly than disposable pens, but they require a bit more maintenance and can be more expensive upfront.

When it comes to choosing between disposable and cartridge-based vape pens, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Disposable pens are great for people who are new to vaping or who want a hassle-free experience, while cartridge-based pens are better for people who want more control over their vaping experience and who are willing to put in a bit more effort to maintain their device.

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